Here at Handpicked Club we're looking for beautiful pieces of art jewelry for you. We've been searching the best jewelry suppliers for you for a really long time. And finally we met a very talented designer and didn't want to move on. Just have a look at these jewelry items and you'll understand us.  So now we are the representative company of the Anemone Jewelry

About Anemone Jewelry

Anemone JewelryAnemone Jewelry is the store of the amazing jewellery from Calanit Segev. Cala is a jewelry designer who lives in Israel.

She has a BA in psychology and management, and yet, she decided to do what she truly loves, jewelry designing. She opened a jewelry business and started creating every day!

Her boutique is located in Haifa (a lovely city on the shores of the Mediterranean sea).

Anemone it's a type of flower and it means Calanit (her full name) in hebrew, therefore, she decided to name her business Anemone Jewelry.

She preferred style of jewelry is characterized by extremely clean shapes that create a powerful look, she likes to use the color of gold and combine it with gemstones and pearls.


All of the items listed in her shop are handmade by Cala with a lot of love and passion.

Just have a look at unforgettable Anemone Jewelry and you’ll fell in love with it. All items are special and have their magnificent charm.

Join us and touch to the world of Anemone Jewelry.